Balance It! HD

Achieve the perfect balance in the new Balance It HD by Ndroidz Software!

In Balance It HD your task is to create a sustainable design using proposed objects. Main condition is to not let the objects fall off the screen. You will have to acquire skills of a real architect to build a perfectly stable pyramids!

Balance It HD contains a continuously expanding collection of levels of varying difficulty,in which you will operate with a big range of different shapes. Remember: each level has multiple solutions, but you need to be a real master to find the most correct and elegant!


Balance It HD contains high quality graphics and nice background music, which makes the process of solving puzzles a good rest, combined with intensive training of the fake rolex mind, and the integrated OpenFeint system will allow you to share your achievements with friends, earn prize points and climb to the heights of the online ratings.

Good luck!


Sushi Bar

Bon appetit from Ndroidz Software! Today the developers will treat us a special dish – Sushi Bar.

In this exciting game your hero will be a beginner cook, specializing in Japanese cuisine. You will serve customers, gradually improving sushi making skills and discovering new recipes. During the game you will be able to work in 3 different institutions: starting from a small bistro, finishing with a chic restaurant with a huge flow of visitors.At every stage your task will be to collect enough money earned in a given time.You will also need to monitor your customers: they will not wait too long for their order, so you’ll have to cope with your responsibilities quickly enough not to lose precious visitors.


Sushi Bar is an interesting and dynamic game that will keep you in suspense until the very last level! Stunning graphics deserves special mention: all the dishes look so realistic that we recommend a good snack before you play the Sushi Bar!


Burger Mania

Ndroidz Software pleased us with a new appetizing dish – Burger Mania, where your character is an aspiring chef, whose job is to serve hungry customers. And let the hot dogs and burgers are not the healthiest food, but what tasty! In the course of action clients will become more and more, and to cope with your duties will be more difficult, but more interesting too! Over time, you will discover new recipes that will help you quickly reach a culinary Olympus.


Burger Mania is done in a very convenient and intuitive way. Grahics are stunning and the gameplay is very exciting: all 36 levels of play are traversed in the same breath. In addition, if you are not satisfied with your level score, you can always try it again. Also game has a special achievements system: you will receive a medal for your 100 th customer, or the 50th cooked burger. Earned awards can be seen any time in a special menu.

Burger Mania will not leave indifferent any game (and food, of course) fan, this game will give you a good mood and a lot of positive emotions! Good luck!


Cocktail Frenzy

Cocktail Frenzy is a simple yet highly addictive time-management game, where our hero is a rookie bartender, and the goal is to help him become a true expert in his field by mixing various ingredients together. During the game, we will serve visitors, ordering drinks. First, customers can be served only juice and beer, but then it becomes possible to buy new recipes from a special cocktail menu. The game takes place in three different locations that change during the game.

Cocktail Frenzy conquered me at first sight. Serving cocktails is very fascinating, constantly arriving customers do not give you any time to relax, and as a reward for timely service you’ll receive generous tips. Ability to buy new recipes brings extra interest to the game. The game also provides for a system of counting achievements: you get a notice that, for example, you’ve just served your 100 th customer. A list of personal achievements can always be seen at the special menu. The game interface is executed in a comfortable and attractive style, in terms of graphics the game deserves the highest praise.

Cocktail Frenzy will hardly be able to leave you indifferent. This game has taken away from me many hours of precious time, but those were such amazing hours! I assure you, you won’t stop until you pass this game to the very end!




SysMonitor allows you to display in tray the following information about your phone:
-Battery Level
-SD Memory (free)
-RAM Memory (free)
-Internal Memory (free)
-CPU usage


Epic Fails

Want to cheer yourself up? Nothing makes it better than Epic Fails by Ndroidz Software! Growing collection of the most unfortunate moments in the history of humanity will make you laugh to tears!
Epic Fails makes you believe that the most amusing anecdotes are taken from real life. Here you will find the funniest pictures taken by real people.

Epic Fails constantly pleases you with new funny pictures. You are given the ability to view photos, share them with friends via email and SMS, save favorite pictures in your phone, and also add your own pictures.

Don’t forget, a moment of laughter prolongs your life for 5 minutes. And with Epic Fails in your phone you’ll live forever!


Doodle Match

For the fans of Bejeweled and other games of this genre Ndroidz Software has developed its own version of the popular game – Doodle Match. The game objective is simple: you need to make a combination of three or more identical symbols. For the level you need to get a certain number of combinations to defeat your opponent.

Doodle Match leaves an easy and pleasant experience: the game is perfect for those who want to pass the time in an unobtrusive, yet interesting and exciting game. The original style, in which the game is made, is captivating: all the characters are as if drawn on paper, and combinations you will be collecting will be cleaned from the field by a pencil eraser.

For all its simplicity, Doodle Match is very addictive: adapting to the game and sorting out all the wisdoms, I catched myself thinking that it’s not so easy to stop! Assignments to the levels become more complex, appear new symbols, making it difficult to complete combinations. But where is the difficulty – and there is interest!


Jumpy Egg

Who said that eggs can not fly? Jumpy Egg from Ndroidz Software will convince you that the real eagles should be able to fly even before their birth!

In Jumpy Egg our goal is to help a not yet hatched from his egg brave chick to learn the most important skill in his life – flying. Our hero will be jumping from one nest to another, higher and higher! The difficulty is that to fall into the right socket is not so simple: the nests are flying too! So you have to be careful not to allow the chick become an omelet!

Jumpy Egg will help you develop a good reaction: you have to select very precisely the time to jump to get into the right slot. The more closely you will land – the more points you gain. On your way up you will meet a variety of bonuses, both beneficial and vice verse. During the game a little chick will hatch out: first, you’ll see the wings come out, then comes out the head and by the end of the game the chick will become a real eagle!

Jumpy Egg is a game made in the light blue style. This game will help you to relax and spend time with interest.



Remember as a child we all stuck to the windows, watching the thrilling New Year fireworks! Fireworks from Ndroidz Software gives you the opportunity to enjoy this spectacle in the warmth of your own home every day, every hour, even every second!

Fireworks will not leave indifferent any fireworks lover. Application allows you to watch the fireworks in one of the 30 largest cities in the world such as London, Moscow and Las Vegas. You can also manage the spectacle by yourself: choose any of the suggested types of tag heuer replicafireworks and launch them in any quantity! Another great feature: you can set your favorite city in flames as a screensaver on your desktop.

Fireworks has a timer counting down until the New Year: at 12 o’clock sharp the application will congratulate you on this wonderful holiday with a bunch of beautiful fireworks!

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Dominoes Deluxe

Dominoes Deluxe is an another great game from Ndroidz Software, which gives us the opportunity to enjoy one of the most popular board games in the world – the dominoes.

There are many variations of dominoes. In Dominoes Deluxe we have three of them:Blocks, Draw and Muggins. For beginners, developers have provided a detailed description of each variety, which helps to understand the rules of the game. You also have the opportunity to set some paper cup parameters of the game yourself, for example, score limit, or highlighting available moves.

In Dominoes Deluxe you will be asked to play with one, two or three virtual opponents. The game takes place quite rapidly, so you won’t be bored. The game interface is made in an attractive style and physically it’s easy and fun to play.

Dominoes Deluxe is a great simulator of dominoes designed not only for the experienced players, but also for those who simply want to spend some good time with an exciting game. And given how addictive the game is, just a few parties, and you can easily go from novice level to the category of true fans of dominoes!