Jumpy Egg

Who said that eggs can not fly? Jumpy Egg from Ndroidz Software will convince you that the real eagles should be able to fly even before their birth!

In Jumpy Egg our goal is to help a not yet hatched from his egg brave chick to learn the most important skill in his life – flying. Our hero will be jumping from one nest to another, higher and higher! The difficulty is that to fall into the right socket is not so simple: the nests are flying too! So you have to be careful not to allow the chick become an omelet!

Jumpy Egg will help you develop a good reaction: you have to select very precisely the time to jump to get into the right slot. The more closely you will land – the more points you gain. On your way up you will meet a variety of bonuses, both beneficial and vice verse. During the game a little chick will hatch out: first, you’ll see the wings come out, then comes out the head and by the end of the game the chick will become a real eagle!

Jumpy Egg is a game made in the light blue style. This game will help you to relax and spend time with interest.


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